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R & D Infoserve is a private organization guided by the vision of providing customer delight in every aspect of its products and services.

It was established in the year 2002 with an objective of outplaying its peer IT service organizations with its best-in-quality services. Currently, R&D Infoserve is one of the most trusted destinations for laptop rentals in Chennai. Over the years, we have worked with big corporates like Airtel, MRF, HCL and Tata Consultancy Services, institutions like JIPMER, and IIT Madras and Chennai Corporation.

Our leadership is built on high trust that this organization will be one among the top class players in global IT arena in next ten years. We are always looking forward to improve our business processes by the vital value that we have on our customer's feedback and hence we convert them into actionable.

Computer Rentals in Chennai

We offer laptop rentals in Chennai and back it up with excellent support and maintenance. Apart from laptops, we also deliver desktops and workstations for small businesses and large corporates alike.

We have a large collection of laptops from different brands, different sizes and features. Whether you need a business-class laptop suitable for carrying around and essential computing or powerful workstation laptops for tasks requiring high computing power, we can provide you with the right laptops you need to meet your requirements.

The efficient delivery and prompt support make us best place for laptop rentals in Chennai. All are machines are updated, pretested and configured properly to ensure that you can start work as soon as the computers are delivered.

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